Outside the Church

C.S. Lewis, a Protestant, writing about his belief in Purgatory.

The doctrine of purgatory was denied by the Albigenses, the Hussites, and the Protestants. Luther began, in 1517, by denying the value of indulgences, saying that they had no value before God for the remission of the punishment due to our sins.

How Protestants view the doctrine of Purgatory.

A Swiss Protestant converted to the true religion solely on account of our having the consoling doctrine of Purgatory.

A Protestant Bishop praying for a soul in Purgatory.

A discussion between a Catholic and a Presbyterian.

Fr. Leonard M. Puech explains why Catholics believe in Purgatory and prayers for the dead. He also shows Protestant objections to these doctrines.

Curtis Martin, executive director of FOCUS, shows how a Fundamentalist debates with a Catholic on Purgatory and what the Catholic response should be.

David MacDonald explains the doctrine of Purgatory while showing how close Protestant Evangelical beliefs are to this ancient doctrine. He shows C.S. Lewis openly confirming the existence of Purgatory, and also Rick Warren (author of The Purpose Driven Life) defining Purgatory in Protestant terminology.