Fr. Dwight Longenecker debunks the Protestant doctrine of eternal security (based on 2 Corinthians 5:8).

A priest giving food for thought comparing Halloween to eternal life in Heaven.

What happens immediately after death? When man dies, his body and soul are separated for a time, the body is buried and returns to dust; the soul goes at once to God to be judged, and is rewarded or punished according to its works. By Rev. Richard Felix, O.S.B. (1942).

Purgatory is a much misunderstood doctrine among Catholics. Many believe that this place is a second chance to be saved, or that they can sin all they want and still be saved through Purgatory.

Halloween is a peculiar custom where children dress up in some type of costume, a hero they have, a monster, or whatever their overactive imaginations can think of, and then at night they go door to door asking for candy.

There are other friends of God to whom we owe a debt of piety. They are those who are suffering beyond the grave, in the silent kingdom of pain and expiation - in the dark and yet blessed realm of purification; that is to say, the multitudes who pass out of this world, washed in the Precious Blood, perfectly absolved of all guilt of sin, children and friends of God, blessed souls, heirs of the kingdom of Heaven, all but Saints; nevertheless, they are not yet altogether purified for His, kingdom.

Many Catholics do not consider the existence of Purgatory. This is due primarily to a poor understanding of this doctrine.

Reactions to Papal Catechesis

Monsignor A. Saudreau speaks of perfect souls.

The commemoration of all the faithful departed is celebrated by the Church on 2 November, or, if this be a Sunday or a solemnity, on 3 November.

All who die in God's grace and friendship, are indeed assured of their eternal salvation; but after death some undergo purification, so as to be free from all sin, and achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven.